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There are many barriers to overcome in order to establish palliative care successfully in Eastern India. Some of the key issues include a lack of education and training for medical practitioners, raising awareness of positive outcomes to government administrators and conquering the bureaucratic processes and procedures around the release and administering of opioids such as morphine. There are some community palliative care units being established in India, currently there are around 900 services. However, 841 of these are in Kerala.

To combat these barriers and achieve our aims we need to be strategic in our approach, systematic in our evidence gathering, and planned in our service development and delivery. Our aims are ambitious but achievable if we can obtain the crucial funding.

We need your support! However much you are able to give, your help will enable us to develop our work and support our drive and determination to bring palliative care to Eastern India.

Dying in peace and with dignity is a fundamental human right. Your support would make this innovation in health care possible. Together we can be the pioneers of palliative care in Eastern India.

Here’s some ideas how:

  • Run/Cycle/Walk an event for EIPC
  • CAF Cards and vouchers
  • Payroll givingmor
  • Company Donations
  • Donate shares
  • Leave a gift in your will
  • Corporate Partners/Foundations & Trusts
  • Or contact us at to find out more.