David Oliviere, EIPC Associate

David Oliviere

Social Worker, Counsellor, Educationalist.

Former Director of Education and Training, St Christopher’s Hospice, London; Visiting Professor, School of Education and Health Sciences, Middlesex University, United Kingdom.

David trained at Nottingham University in social administration and social work. With a background in psychiatric social work and management in the personal social services, David was involved with Pilgrim’s Hospice, Canterbury, before joining the North London Hospice as Director of Social Work. Subsequently, David worked as Community Care Advisor for ethnic minorities and refugees, LB Enfield, and more recently as Macmillan Principal Lecturer in Palliative Care at Middlesex University, whilst practising at the Macmillan Support Team at Barnet Hospital.

With experience as a carer, David has been interested in user involvement for many years as a social worker and facilitated with others the User Forum at St Christopher’s.

David has contributed several publications and edited a number of books: “Good Practices in Psychosocial Care”; with Barbara Monroe “Patient Participant in Palliative Care”, Resilience in Palliative Care; with Barbara Monroe and Sheila Payne “Death, Dying and Social Differences” and “Narratives and Stories in Palliative Care” with Yasmin Gunaratnam.