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Music, Life, Death and Palliative Care

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Music, Life, Death and Palliative Care Invite
“Everything you can say about India, the opposite is also true”
Amarya Sen

Everything you can say about caring for people at the end of their lives in Bengal is full of opposites, contradictions, successes, obstacles and paradoxes. This musical evening celebrates the work being carried out by the EIPC Project to introduce good palliative and end of life care (good pain control and best quality of life) with plans for sustainability in West Bengal: a 91 m population, two-thirds the size of England. Patients with advanced medical conditions but little morphine availability; enthusiastic professionals and volunteers being trained by Indian and UK experts amongst much stigma and fears surrounding cancer, aids and other conditions. The work, driven by the Eastern India Palliative Care Project, is a health partnership between the UK and Eastern India.